Welcome to SVC, a Coimbatore Rivet Manufacturer

Our Process


During our initial setup phase, you'll work with our engineers to perfect all your requirements from rivet designs, to material, to timeline and quantity. We do everything in our power to ensure all your production requirements are met.


Our staff then pushes your designs into a development phase, where we produce a sample batch of your custom rivets. Together, we'll ensure that the final rivet meets both your quality and cost requirements.


Finally after all the meticulous work, your custom rivets will go into production. We aim to produce your custom rivets in scale and high quality through our cold forged production process and quality management infrastructure.

Projects Showcase

Square Shank and Round Head

Square and Round Shank Rivet

This solid rivet was developed for a large multinational company for their electrical assembly. The project required a rivet that would not move when in use. We created rivet with a square shaft and round head.

Deep Hole

Deep Hole Rivet

A customer assembling stainless steel knives required a rivet to hold the handle to the blade. For these requirements, we developed a deep holed semi-tubular rivet for the extended length necessary to hold the various pieces of the knife together.

Hexagonal Head with Tubular Shank

For a car suspension assembly, the project required a hexagonal head to work with the rest of the suspension. We successfully accomplished this tubular rivet project, which almost all other fastener manufacturers in India refused to take up.

International Automotive Task Force Certification 16949:2016

As of January 2018, Sri Venkateswara Company has officially obtained it's IATF 16949 Certification, which demonstrates our manufacturing process provides for continual improvement, prevents defects, and reduces variation and waste in our supply chain.

The IATF is an ad hoc group of automotive manufacturers and their respective trade associations that exists to continually improve the quality of products to automotive customers worldwide. This group has created the requirements to attain the IATF 16949 Certification in an effort to ensure that any group that manufactures and assembles parts for the automotive industry maintain a certain level of quality.

We proudly hold the IATF 16949 Certification as a testament to the production quality of our custom manufactured rivets. Explore our website to learn more about the intricate and complex work we accomplish here at our manufacturing plant in Coimbatore, India.