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About SVC

All the way back in 1964, Rm. M.V. Muthiah Chettiar first began Sri Venkateswara Company as an ancillary to TI Cycles of India, producing whatever rivets that they needed. As the years went by, and business increased, Rm.M.V. Muthiah Chettiar handed the company off to his four sons and an outside partner.

Slowly, one by one the brothers all left, having their shares bought over by MVM Muthu, who then brought the rivet manufacturing plant to Coimbatore and handed the management to his son, Jawahar Muthu. Jawahar, the current CEO, has been running the family business ever since with more than three and a half decades of experience in rivet manufacturing.

Sri Venkateswara Company over the years has amassed clients in many, many industries. The company supplies rivets to industries ranging from electrical appliances, to automotive parts, to ordnance factories, to stainless steel components, to much more. It has the both the technical capabilities, experience in the industry, and production throughput to match nearly any specialized rivet request. Please explore our website to learn more about Sri Venkateswara Company and reach out to us for any questions or inquiries. We look forward to serving all your rivet-related needs.

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Saisudha Y B

Administrative Manager

Aravind L

New Product Development