Our Services


In order to cost effectively produce your custom designed rivets, we'll first need to go through some setup. A process we've spent over 50 years perfecting.

During this process we'll properly and clearly define the following. First, your timeline, when do you need the rivets fully developed and in production by. Next, the production quantity, how many rivets does your business need and how will it scale over the years. Next, the rivet material, what are the properties your rivets need and what will be the most suited material for the job. And finally, and most importantly, we will verify your rivet designs.

We have our own engineering staff on hand here at Sri Venkateswara Company that will assist you from start to finish. Together, we will ensure all your rivet requirements are met.


Next, before scaling your rivet into production, we enter a development phase. During this phase we produce a sample batch of your custom designed rivets to exactly mimic how they would be in production.

We seek to perfect every detail, even going so far as having our own laboratory in the plant to test your rivets. Once the development batch has been completed, we'll ship it to you for verification. Typically we ship around 5,000 rivets in this batch for your own testing, but are very flexible with your business needs. At Sri Venkateswara Company, we truly aim to produce the highest quality rivet for all your industrial needs.


Finally, after all is said and done, we enter the production phase. Here we churn out as many rivets as you need, whenever you need it. Typically our customers get regular shipments made to them every month, but we are flexible with whatever your growing business needs.

Each and every batch is repeatedly quality tested and goes through a cold forged production process, ensuring total quality and thorough strength of your rivets. For more than 50 years, we've been putting every inch of effort to continuously improve our cost-effective rivet manufacturing process and act to only deliver our absolute best quality in a timely manner.